As the most common causes of depression are Stress, Strain, Behavioural probems etc, a proper blend of treatments and excercises to calm down the brain are needed to cure it. Naturopathy treatments of Depression include Scientific Massages, Spinal Bath, Steam, Enema, Hot and Cold Treatment, Relaxing Yogasans, Guided Meditation and Pranayama.


Depression is a state of the mind, body and thoughts which together work towards negativity. It is not adisease but an illness wherein a person is not able to do normal things. Due to the depressed state of mind, a person can find the daily chores to be very taxing and is unable to do them. In this state of mind, a person is unhappy and suffers emotionally and mentally rather than physically. Depression may be caused due to mental stress or due to high intake of antibiotics. At times, anxiety may also be the cause of depression. Depression is very difficult to cope up with, when compared to physical ailments. The complexities of life and the ongoing demands make it all the more troublesome. Depression can range from being mild to moderate to severe.


  • Indecisiveness
  • Irritation and giddiness
  • Difficulty in mixing and communicating with other people
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lost charm in life
  • Aches and pains all over the body
  • Itching and crying
  • Feeling restless and having troubled sleep
  • Inferiority complex or low sense of self
  • Hot flushes / shivering
  • Tiredness and jaded feeling
  • Impotence


  • Deficiency of vitamin B complex
  • Pessimistic attitude
  • Personal relationship problems or poor family relations
  • Improper menstrual cycle or menopause
  • Environmental factors
  • Stress
  • Prolonged periods of anxiety and tension
  • Excessive and indiscriminate use of drugs
  • Financial problems
  • Strain
  • Unforgettable tragic incident
  • .Biochemical causes