All kind of diseases can be cured by earth and water treatment, fasting and change of diet – Mahatma Gandhi

Naturopathy is a drugless system of health care, using a wide variety of therapies, whose purpose is to treat the whole person to stimulate and support the person's own innate healing capacity. It is a system of therapeutics in which neither surgical nor medicinal agents are used, with dependence being placed only on natural remedies and therapies.

Balaji Nirogdham, with a mammoth infrastructure, complemented with experienced and qualified doctors, practitioners and professionals in various segments of Naturopathy, is fully equipped to provide almost all naturopathy treatments.

A Number of Naturopathy therapies, including the following are administered at Balaji Nirogdham :

Massage Therapy Mud Therapy
Hydro Therapy Diet Therapy
Fasting Therapy Colon Hydrotherapy