Mud Therapy is a very simple, cost effective and efficacious treatment modality of Naturopathy. Since earth is one of the five elements of nature, mud has an immense impact on the human body. When mud is applied on our body for the purpose of treatment, it fulfills the requirement of earth element in our body.

Mud has got many medicinal values as it contain minerals like zinc, selenium, sulfur, etc. Hence it can be used for treatment of various skin diseases. Moreover, mud stimulates the sweat glands thereby helping in elimination of toxins. Also, mud therapy is one of the best way to erase the effect of ageing from the skin.

For the purpose of therapy, mud can be applied in two ways – (i) Local Application, and (ii) General Application.

In local application, mud is applied to the particular part of the body to get desired effect. It can be applied in the form of packs or direct application to the part can be made, for example, daily application of mud to the abdomen regulates the function of abdominal organs, thereby improving digestion.

In general application, mud is applied all over the body to get generalized effect. Since mud also has cooling property, it can be applied in case of skin irritation, burning sensation of palms and feet.

To educate the masses about the side effects of indiscriminate and reckless usage of allopathic drugs for quick relief, and encourage them to adopt Naturopathy and Yoga for a long, prosperous and healthy life, as the Nature Cure regimen is educative, curative and also preventive, that too with no side effects.