Today’s fast paced professional life, in which a corporate executive works for long hours, has defintely taken a toll on his/her health. The corporate executive is drained physically as well as mentally, resulting in various lifestyle diseases, like hypertension, stress, diabetes, cardio vascular problems etc, hampering his/her efficiency, as also the output of the company.

To help the executives working in the corporate sector, as well as the companies they work for, Balaji Nirogdham, Delhi, has come up with various health programs, based on Naturopathy, designed specifically for prevention and cure of lifestyle diseases prevalent amongst corporate executives.

Balaji Nirogdham has devised health programs, wherein the participants are guided and taught about preventing and treating lifestyle disorders by practicing naturopathy in their day-to-day life. The programs also make them aware about the finer nuances of the ancient Indian sciences of Yoga and Meditation, besides guiding them about Nutrition, Home Remedies as well as Stress Management.

The Corporate Programs also serve the purpose of a one or two days retreat for busy executives. These short immersive wellness programs held at the sprawling campus of Balaji Nirogdham, Delhi, are conducted by qualified doctors and experts.

The Corporate Wellness Program can be conducted as a stand alone package, or can be blended with any conference which the company proposes to conduct for any of its department or team. The duration of the program can be for one day, or for more days as per needs of the company.

The Corporate Programs offer a compressed, motivational experience to help the participants optimize their performance at home and at work. The executives participating in these programs leave with new skills and knowledge and the inspiration to put these new strategies into practice, which surely increases their efficiency as well as make their lives better, happier and meaningful.

Following is a sample schedule of a One day Corporate Program :

Proposed Schedule For One Day Naturopathy Program For Corporate Executives


7.30 AM

Arrival at Balaji Nirogdham


8.00 AM

Yogic Kriyas

30 Minutes

8.30 AM

Energy Drink

10-15 Minutes

9.00 AM

Laughter Therapy
Yoga Class
Pranayama Practice

10-15 Minutes
30 Minutes
15 Minutes

10.00 AM

Guided Meditation

30 Minutes

10.30 AM

Natural Breakfast

45 Minutes

11.30 AM

Introduction to Nature Care
Therapeutic Modalities in Naturopathy and Yoga
Application of Naturopathy in Lifestyle Diseases
Questions and Answers

30 Minutes
30 Minutes
15 Minutes
15 Minutes

1.00 PM

Lunch Break

1 Hour

2.00 PM

Visit to Balaji Treatment and Accommodation Area

1 Hour

3.00 PM

Nutrition and Home Remedies
Stress Management

30 Minutes
40 Minutes
10-15 Minutes

4.30 PM

Herbal Tea


5.00 PM

Conclusion and Departure



As per Room Tariff. Contact for details